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Our CLCA Baby Warriors

Our babies are nurtured and cared for in an environment where they can grow and feel protected as well as free to be the babies they are. Attention is given to each infant as if they were the only baby in the room. One on one interaction ensures that each infant receives quality and quantifying care while in the classroom. Diaper changes and feedings are given with positive attitudes and joviality to calm even the most colicky child. Nap time is a soothing experience so that each child gets a peaceful resting period to awaken refreshed and ready for the remainder of their day. Our teachers are dedicated and devoted to the growth and development of our future CLCA Walking Warriors.

Walkers (12-24 months)

The exploration begins as our infant's transition into our CLCA Walking Warriors. Their setting is one of exploration and discovering new things they can reach for, touch and play with. Our teachers begin to fortify the importance of sharing; being kind to others; safe play; and boundaries. Rest or nap time is allotted to balance out the day and ensure that their busy day isn’t too tiring for them. Throughout their day, walkers are introduced to age-appropriate toys and activities using circle time and other structured group methods. Interaction is key in the classroom and is provided consistently so that our Walking Warriors start recognizing the principles and practices of Toddler Warrior mentality.

Toddlers (24-36 months)

CLCA Toddler Warriors are on the move in a classroom setting that invites their creativity and individuality. Although they still have structured group and daily schedules, our toddlers are taught certain aspects of independence within their environment. This includes the continuance of sharing principles; taking care of our surrounding practices (cleaning up after activities, etc..); and reinforcement of potty training. Circle time and group activities are used as progressive and innovative teaching opportunities. Songs, games, and educational tools are utilized to get our toddlers used to the teaching/learning concepts and precepts. Toddler teachers delve more into speech, using their words, reciting numbers, the alphabet, and activities that will enhance their future PreK experience.

Pre-K 3 (3-Year Olds)

Creative expression as our toddlers transition into the Pre-K program is just one of the areas we enhance here at CLCA. Whether it’s through song, art projects, or during daily regimen, the Pre-K program is designed to start the shaping and molding of productive and well-rounded students. Studies include sight words; letter and sound recognition; age appropriate science and social studies; and basic math concepts. Pre-K is also a time to integrate social and emotional expression with emphasis on controlling emotions and behaviors, positive expressions / reinforcement, and cause / effect. Of course, our Pre-K children are still a bundle of energy, so we can’t leave out physical fitness through group activities and excursions to our outdoor play areas.

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