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Enroll for the 2023-2024 School Year!

Pre-K 4 (Georgia Lottery Funded Pre-K Program)

Almost there but our Pre-K 4's need just a little more fine-tuning to be ready to venture into Kindergarten. Our teachers continue to assist with developing conflict resolution tactics; self-control and rule-following; and cognitive understanding of all principles and expectations of the learning environment. Pre-K4's are guided to proficiency on task completion and increased awareness of themselves and others around them. Language and math areas are focused on through reading, numerical relationships, and patterns, while science and social studies are explored through observations and creative lesson planning. We can’t forget the fun with creative projects, painting, coloring, and drawing added to our outdoor activities that promote group play and mobility.

What is Georgia's Pre-K Program?

Georgia's Pre-K Program is a lottery-funded educational program for Georgia's four-year-olds to prepare children for Kindergarten.

Who is eligible for Georgia's Pre-K Program?

Children four years of age on September 1 of the current school year who are Georgia residents are eligible to attend Georgia's Pre-K Program during this school year. Georgia’s Pre-K Program is voluntary for families and for providers.

Because participation in Georgia's Pre-K Program is voluntary for public schools and for private child development centers, there may not be enough spaces in every community for all four-year-olds who wish to participate. Every effort will be made to contract with eligible centers to create enough spaces for children who want to attend OR to match children with available spaces in other Georgia’s Pre-K Program providers in the area.

What do I need to enroll a child in Georgia's Pre-K Program?

Proof that a child is age-eligible and a Georgia resident is required to register for Pre-K. Acceptable proof-of-age includes birth certificate, passport, hospital record of live birth, green card, pink card or Federal I-94 card. Acceptable proof-of-residency includes a lease, utility bill or letter from a shelter or employer.

Immunizations (DHR Form 3231) must be up-to-date or affidavits must be on file within 30 calendar days of program entry. Only health departments and physicians licensed in Georgia can obtain blank immunization certificates (Form 3231). Take your child's personal immunization record to a health department or Georgia physician and they can complete the form and give any required vaccines.

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